Intellectual Property & Licensing

International Stem Cell Corporation protects its technology worldwide by filing and owning patents covering specific pluripotent hpSC lines, methods to produce new hpSC lines, and various differentiation methods for research, therapeutic and commercial uses.

As of March 1, 2015 the company has 16 issued patents and 91 pending patent applications across 15 patent families related to its research and development.

These patents cover areas of parthenote generation, neural stem cell generation, retinal pigment endothelium, cartilage generation and Parkinsons disease. In addition, the company has licensed a portfolio of 25 (11 issued, 14 pending) patents or patent applications across 8 patent families, including the differentiation of parthenotes to numerous therapeutic tissues. The majority of these have been filed both internationally and in the U.S. which covers most industrialized countries.