ISCO Announces Launch Plans for New Nano-Compound Products

CARLSBAD, CA–(Marketwired – December 01, 2015) – International Stem Cell Corporation (OTCQB: ISCO), a California-based biotechnology company developing novel stem cell-based therapies and biomedical products, announced today that its wholly-owned subsidiary Lifeline Skin Care, Inc. (Lifeline) will launch its next generation skin care product based on a breakthrough nano-compound technology in time for December holiday season.

The initial launch of the Molecular Renewal SerumTM is expected in mid-December of 2015, when a retail version of the product will be available for purchase by US-based consumers through Lifeline’s website. Subsequent product launches will target the domestic professional sales market, which includes luxury spas, aestheticians, and medical offices, as well as luxury skincare markets in Europe and Asia.

The technology behind Molecular Renewal SerumTM was developed by ISCO’s R&D Team and the serum was formulated by a well-known cosmetic chemist. Independent third party testing demonstrated that the new skin care product containing the novel nano-compound showed significant (p<0.01) improvement in skin elasticity and decrease in skin roughness in all subjects 4 and 8 weeks after the start of the study. In addition, the compound-treated group outperformed not only the baseline, but also the Retinol treated group. No adverse events, such as skin irritation, which has been reported as a common side effect of Retinol treatment, were reported in the compound-treated group. In addition to the clinical study, the nano-compound was tested on normal human keratinocytes, fibroblasts and a 3D model of human skin. In all of these models the proprietary compound induced up to twice the production of elastin and collagen compared to Retinoic Acid (the active form of Retinol) with none of its toxic characteristics. This technology is the next step forward from the current product family, which has earned recognition from many industry professionals as well as retail customers.

Dr. Steven F. Weiner, M.D. Facial Plastic Surgeon, a pioneer in the field of minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, commented: “Our office has been using Lifeline Stem Cell Skin products for about 4 years.  We have used it on freshly lasered and microneedled skin without complications and with improved healing times.  All of our Infini patients have Lifeline applied and most continue to use it well after treatment because of the noted skin improvements it provides. It’s our best-selling growth factor product because of its higher concentrations of growth factors, streamlined product line and superior results.”

Since its inception in 2010 in California, Lifeline has experienced steady growth in sales and is currently generating operating income. With $2,6M in YTD revenue, Lifeline continues to follow its upward growth trend. Lifeline’s Q3 revenues equaled $924K, with Q4 revenues expected to surpass Q3.

Lifeline employs a highly experienced team of employees, along with top industry consulting talent in order to develop cutting edge line-up of products based on proprietary extract derived from ISCO’s pluripotent stem cells. The extract is manufactured by ISCO R&D team in cGMP compliant facilities and undergoes rigorous QC and independent clinical testing. Current product line includes the Daily Defensive Complex, Recovery Night Moisture Serum, Eye Firming Complex, Dual Action Exfoliator, and Brightening Cleanser. In addition to the Molecular Renewal Serum, in 2015 Lifeline introduced two new products – Refresh Polishing Gelée and Neck Firming Complex. In 2016 Lifeline plans to introduce several new products based on its proprietary extract and nano-compound technologies.

Jill Haynes, a Medical Aesthetician working under Jonathan Sykes, MD at University of California, Davis Medical Center recommends micro-needling treatments along with Lifeline Skincare products to her patients. “I am seeing incredible results in my patients. This is the biggest skin care breakthrough in years.” Jill applies Lifeline Skin Care stem cell serums during and after her treatments, and sends her patients home with the same products. “It’s not just about one product or procedure; it’s about using the best products and procedures in conjunction to create noticeable change in the skin.”

Jonathan Sykes, M.D., is a world renowned pioneer in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery research. His research has shaped the direction of the field and guided improvement of facial plastic and reconstructive surgical techniques and outcomes. To date, he has published over 100 articles in scientific and medical journals, in addition to contributing to numerous medical school textbooks.

Lifeline’s products are distributed domestically through its branded website ( and through a network of dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and spas, including the Woodhouse Spa, Four Seasons Resort in Maui, and the TriBeCa MedSpa in New York City. Internationally Lifeline products are distributed through a network of local distributors. Shuei Trading Company, Lifeline’s largest international distributor, has introduced currently offered and custom developed Lifeline products to the Japanese and Hong Kong markets.

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